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About me!

Hi! I'm Bruno, 19 he/him from south Brazil. I like to play solo games, do pixel art, watch things about mysteries and make my projects, like what you're looking at this very moment! or at least I assume you are
My current Tetris highscore is 495,625
I'm burubugah on steam if you wanna add me there, though I don't play much online stuff
I tought my mom to play plants vs zombies on her phone and she reached the end without much help!

One of the things I enjoy most is pixel art, to me it's much more precise than regular "hand art", if something feels wrong I can change things in a digital manner, no need to redraw the same like a dozen times, tweaking things is a lot faster and the feedback of having it "look good" if that makes any sense comes much faster.

I named my profile on Ubuntu as "Brnuo" instead of "Bruno" 4 months back and only saw that a few days ago :D

I'm an aspiring a game designer, I make games for friends which can go on to become full games, and I'm part of a small group called Moon Crusher! (Fun fact it was called night crusher but we kept mixing it up with the logo being a moon), we do game jams when we are able to, nothing big yet, but we plan to publish so ething worthwile eventually.

Our logo

I also like to edit videos, either just simple montages or funny edits. If you ever need something somewhat simple done I might be able to help you and I do it just for funs

Another thing that I do (see how I didn't start this paragraph with "I") is drums! I like to play drums, I'm not all that good at it but I have fun playing them. Funny enough I started playing drums when a small group of kids that became my friends on the new highshcool I had just gotten into said that they had a "band" and they needed a drummer, and I just said "sure I can be a drummer" with 0 prior knowledge on even how to do that. I just looked for someone that gave drum classes and while I didn't find anyone I watched and practiced on these videos, they're simple movement exercises for how drumming works for people that don't have drums! (hence the names drumming without drums).