Here you're gonna find any ideas for "challenges" that I have from my metal wonderings. Most of it will be art related pieces, different forms of expression that I find interesting and haven't seen much of, though it could end up being much more miscellaneous than what's first intended, philosophical questions, mathematical theorems, physical challenges, etc!

Photo montage story challenge

Can you make a story, a message, something with just images? A primordial slideshow, no transitions, all your tools would be images, and if you'd like, an order to them. Could be original images or not actually I find it specially enticing the idea of making a story with images which that were made withouth this purpose in mind and recontextualized to fit a story.

Probabilty challenge

Did you expect this to show up here? Me neither, but well, my challenge for you is finding out, what are the odds that when throwing 5 6-sided die, at least 3 will land the same number? I tried doing the math a few times but I'm not that deep in probability to be able to do this one, it's for the card game I'm making, if you haven't seen the little picture on the projects page. If you're able to give me a function with the number if die using that's great! I have no idea if anyone will see this or even attempt to calculate that, but on the super odd chance that that's you, please let me know either by email or commenting on my profile!
[uptade] Okay so vm70 found out the answer! He left a comment on my profile with this formula he said it"'s the general equation to find the probability that at least x out of y n-sided dice have the same face". Go check out his page! it's the link on his username duh


You know those things, usually poems or phrases that goes the whole length without using one letter? Like not using the letter a, or e, well... What if you did the opposite? Could you do a poem, a song, an art piece, anything, using only 1 letter? How would you do that? How can you get a around that?
I thoguht about the letter J cuz to me it feels like one of the least used letters of the alphabet, but you could use some other one.
So whatever you make, if you use any letter, use only 1, and try to make it a part of your piece, try to integrate it with whatever it is you will come up with. I wonder how would people solve this problem.


If you'd like, you can send your submission to my challenges on my email bruno.rubim924@gmail.com and if you're going to show your work somewhere else I'd appreciate if you mentioned my website in some small way ^^
Just let me know which you're subbmiting to and you can add anything you want in there, talk about how you made it, your inspirations, how your day was, why you decided to take this challange or anything else! Even nothing if you don't want to!
Since there's currently none entries I'll add here any that are sent for now. Have fun!