A pack of noodles, you open to the raw, fragile and solid content, neatly conendsed into a block interwining strings

It's tempting to just take a bite, and if you want to, why not while you're at it

there is plenty and it'll all reach the same destination after all

You break the block into smaller pieces and put them in a pan with water that has been heating to boil

They float, drifting around in the fast moving water, contrasting with the cold air of the room, they move and bounce softly on the walls of the pan, it's so calming to watch.

You look in the fridge for more ingredients, eggs, some meat that has already been cooked and seasoned, it's only awaiting warmth, so you bring it all together.

The whole piece, this painting of condiments, ingredients, nutrients. Food.

It would be a shame to rid the world from it, if it wasn't the point

and if the process wasn't so satisfying

you can feel it smiling back.