Miking with Bickael

I went biking with mickael, we walked to the supermarket nearby, bought chips and cookies and stuff to make simple sandwiches, we came back to my house and made those sandwiches, 2 for each, then I grabbed my spraycans, set up the music box with the playlist I started making the day before, focused on music with similar vibes to "aria math" though not just that and we were ready to go.

We got the map I printed, one for each, and had marked with some stuff we should seek during the day. That supermarket, a small skate park, 2 Geocaches, 1 tagging spot and the ice cream place near Carol's house, where she said earlier that day we could meet her. "Using" the map was fun, mainly just ironically overemphasizing how we would be lost without it, but it was nice to just set directions and streets, I've lived here for 19 years but some routes aren't still 100% set in my mind.

We chose to go to the nearest geocache and diverted just to pass by the skate park. We took the first picture there, mickael took actually, and then we went to the "woods" to look for the geocache, long story short, the plants there were tall, we found the spot but there wasn't anything there, just a ton of broken black glass, our legs itched and after a while we left. Then came the second geocache, it was near the first one, in a cross section between 2 streets, so there were 4 corners. The app marked the bottom left one, but everyone on the register said it was on the top right, and "the hint about the 4th tree really helped". We looked for a good little while, there were a few dozen trees there, not really any way to count them, we tried but no results. One of the registers showed a picture of the cache, and we could tell where they were standing, and just there was nothing there. Like the other frustration box we gave up again and moved on.

We were gonna eat what we brought but then realized our hands were really dirty, so we went to the big grass field that's kind of a mini park, they had public bathrooms there so we washed our hands, just when we were getting there there was a police car besides the bathrooms and I was kinda scared they'd hear the spray cans on my bag. With hands as clean as they could be we biked some more, I knew a place in a near "grove" that had some benches and it was just really nice there, I would go there more often if I had someone to go with, I took the second picture there.
I did a tag there and after eating the sandwiches we left, there wasn't much to do, the "tagging spot" was kinda far and I wasn't sure how safe it was, we would pass by it either way so next stop was ice cream place near Carol's, all the way up the map.

The way there was really nice, I thought it was going to be an upwards slope but it was pretty even so it was a chill to ride. The day was forecast, having even rained a few hours before me and Mickael met but it was very light and ended quickly. Though just then we started feeling drops, very distant between each other, but here and there we would feel something hit our hands or arms or head, we didn't want to wait around too long, and it was already over 6pm by then. Getting to the ice cream place was also a bit tricky, I hadn't been around that area many times so I didn't know the streets, and we were going to enter it through somewhere I've barely ever been, all the reference I had for it was that on the map it showed a small river passing under the street, so we figured we could count on something signaling that so we could turn. We reached it quicker than I thought, a small "bridge" about like 8 meters long, the road was wider than the sidewalk-bridge was long. The map showed that the ice cream shop should be going straight, after 8 streets that crossed the one we were in. I went ahead and counted them as we passed, it was the steapest path we had gone that day and it kinda killed mickael lol, he doesn't bike and I do 50km a week at least so yeah, I was a bit tired and the man was just dead.

Talking with Carol was nice, hadn't seen her for a long while now, we're pretty much online friends even tho we live in the same town and we've known each other since first year of highschool. We all chatted, relived the greatest moments of our love/hate friendship to mickael. It was almost 7:30 by now, it started raining too while we were there but still very thin, it was dark now, and the front light of my bike was out of battery my dad had gone out with the bike but didn't charge it, never does, but loves to shit on me when I forget stuff so I asked the guy from the shop if he had something with an usb port so I could just plug the light in and charge it, he thought it was a vape haha. after a bit the rain had stopped and my light had charged some, plus mom had just texted me so yeah we definitely should go so we did.

The way back was very chill, the weather that day was great, I love forecast and it was one of the lesser hot days of this week, it was darkening already so no heat from the sun bothered us and the early rain mostly kept people off the streets through the day. I took two pictures while riding the bike, the last two here, I really like the original one for the overcast sky, nothing special about it, I just like how it looks.
Mickael was kinda quiet, told me to just put whatever on the music so I put Cognate Prime, he was also very slow, his legs must have been hurting a lot by now, so the distance between us grew quite a bit but it was fine, soon enough we got home.

Soon Mickael's bus was gonna arive and he was pretty tired so he asked his mom if he could spend the night. She let him so he took a shower and wore my clothes for the night and the next morning. We played games "all night" he had to sleep like an hour earlier lol he was super tired ate the cookies and chips we had bought and then went to sleep. It was a really good day.