Projects page

This is my projects page, I have many of them, in various stages but mostly unfinished and of various kinds, physical, digital, conceptual, and here I'll showcase some I think are kind of interesting.
If you have any questions about them I'd love to hear and I'll be glad to add to their posts.

Paper crafts:

Inscryption irl

My real life version of Inscryption. Probably my longest project, the base took around 3 months to make, I started on january of 2022 and worked on it pretty much daily. Over 300 cards printed and cut for act 1 and over 400 for act 2, plus the cardboard parts.

Paper models

My ever growing collections of models I've made with paper, edited the images and printed them and finally glued them together. It features many things, mainly minecraft models in 2 different sizes since it's what I started with, but every now and then I add more to this little collection, is there anything you think could be added here?.


Pins I printed, they're made of layers of thick paper with a flat thumbtack behind the last layer, tape on top to make it shiny/somewhat waterproof and marker on the sides to make it black. On the back there's a "bud" I made with hot glue to hold them. I made them both for myself (the ones in my bag) and with the intention of selling them, though I haven't really sold any because of the hot glue bud, it doesn't look good at all even though you can't see it 99% of the time, it takes too long to make and often the process fails, and they don't hold up extremely well, over a year I lost two of them, Mickael lost the 4 I made for him. Once any of those gets solved I'll reconsider selling them. I've looked for buds to buy but never found anything that works, so hot glue will have to do.

Minecraft Item Frame

I made an item frame from minecraft, it's all 200mg/300mg printed paper layers and wood glue. The items are a layer of 200mg and 2 layers of 300mg, with a little strip on the back glued to the middle, and the back of the frame has a slit so I slite the strip and place the items in it. This turned out to be lighter than I thought it would, so the clasic 4 pieces of tape turned into a ring was enough to hang it up in my wall


Handheld Project

Currently my first unity project I feel I will actually finish, it's a mobile handheld that's going to host games I'll make for it, aswell as allow local connection multiplayer so you can play with a friend in the same room!

In the latest update I was able to make the buttons function, sending info to the game controller object and the player object using that data to move around.

New update! I made some sprites for it, now it has colision, and I made an apk test version! The first one's resolution didn't work, but now it hopefully will in most screens, I'll see if I can link it later, you can try it if you want to and let me know how it feels/looks. Currently I'm trying to fix some stuff since the way it adjusts for the screen size it messes up the player movement, and I still haven't gotten around that.

Death battle in real life name in progress

I'm making my own card game! A 2-6 player fighting game based on wacky items, you attack by using dice and there are 4 different types of cards that can add dices to your attacks, give you re-rolls, let you defend from attacks and more! It's in a prototype phase still, but eventually I hope I can turn it into a fully finished game.

Well a few months have passed and after playing with 3 players total I decided to tweak things, last saturday I went to a party and we ended up playing my game with 5 people total and it went great, changing how turns worked from either choosing to draw a card or attack to doing both every turn made it flow way better, and making the cards tronger made it so it didn't take forever. I also removed some of the cards that were more "social" play, those are kind of fun in paper but it just doesn't fit the game and it's a bit of a chore to write their rules within a small space and apply them and blah blah.
Anyway, one other thing I did right after that is put my game on tabletop simulator! I took a picture of each card for the drawings and made a digital version of each card on gimp for it, and the dice aswell, it's not 100% finished but soon enough I'll write down the rulebook and put it on the workshop in case you wanna play! Currently I'm writing the rule book, once that's done and on the workshop I'll link it here in case you wanna take a look.

I uploaded a playable version holy shit. Here you can find both 2 players and 3-6 players versions.

Projects to be shown in the future:
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