Something feels... wrong

it's like I'm... tilted?

I don't mean in any emmotional way, I feel like my body is tilted like -30° in relation to my desk as I'm writing this now, or maybe it's my neck?

I feel like my head is forcing itself upwards to read my monitor even tho it's clearly looking down, at the bottom of the screen.

It's like whem my hands feel backwards, sometimes they do that, sometimes I feel like my hands are backwards, or that the room continously is rotating on it's own. I never believe it, I know none of this is happening, if I did my reaction would be very different, but I still feel it, I feel like my hands are backwards in my wrists, like in one second they're fine and the next they're reversed, my palms wher the back should be, if I were to bend my fingers they'd grasp the air above them.

Still don't know why that happens, I've never shared this with anyone, I hope it's normal, or at least nothing bad