Exploring Windows 93

Here is a page dedicated to my findings in Windows 93, which hopefully will work as a guide to your enjoyment of said site.

Before going in, here are some simmilar titles you may want to consider if you find this one interesting:
Last Seen Online

If you know of any other titles that comes to mind, consider leaving a comment on my website about them, I would appreciate it a lot.

Let's Start!

Out of the bat there's a lot of stuff to be explored, some more complex than others, but lets not rush through them. If you're able I suggest putting it in fullscreen, just for that tad bit more of immersion.
I'll admit some of these things are not that interesting but it'd be [insert adjective later I can't think of one rn] to apply that sentiment to the whole site, so lets take a look at some applications.


Not even going to lie to you, my least favorite thing in here. Just a window you can scroll through infinitely with rows of gifs of hamster dancing while a looping song plays in the background. Too annoying and loud. Nothing else to see here

Take This

A meme thingy, every time you open the app there's the cave guy from the first zelda, saying the meme line and a random gif will show up followed by a sound effect, pretty harmless


This one is a game! It's rendered with text characters, simmilar to Candy Box 2. You play as a robber trying to rob a bank, but the police comes after you and you must find a way to escape! You're given 10 "seconds" to do so, each second passes whenever you make one choice, like moving from one room to another or picking/using something, once you're at 10 seconds the cop shoots you and you die. It's a little tricky to figure out what to do at first, but it's very fun and even funny figuring out the right path to the end.

Adobe Pizza Playerâ„¢

Okay, I'm not 100% sure what it is, given I decided to open this one during class, right now. It seems to be a flash player, having folders named "games, newgrounds, requests" etc.
Opening the games folder there are various folders, opening a couple of these folders I can see that there are a thoudsand times as many games as I have time to play them in this 1 thing alone so I'll leave it to you to play them ^^. Though I'll make sure to note some if I find anything interesting.
(You'll see later on that these enormous ammount of content is common in various of these apps).
There's also an "open random file" option if you click on the files tab at the top. I did and the first thing that showed up was a guy and a leprechaun taking a piss at urinols.

Oldest gif of the interwebz.gif

This one is a gif file, and by the title it's supposedly the odest gif of the inter...webz, and it features a


This one is a... fighting game? It's between a guy I'd guess is from street fighter and a car, control the guy with e s d f and attack with w, and the car with arrow keys and space. This is probably a joke I just don't get


Okay so, I've seen 3 versions of this until now, and holy shit.

1. What I think must have been the main version of this. It was a chat room, you chose a nickname and you could say whatever you want. The one time I was there I think there was a girl and a gay guy chatting, I don't remember why but I got upset at them being slightly mean for some reason, the guy gave me his reddit username at some point, and I remember seeing he liked donnie darko, which gave me weird feelings because he was mean to me but he was one of the few people I ever talked to that knew about something I really liked. But yeah mainly it was it

2. Okay I'll look up to see if I can find an image or something but as far as I remember, it was like this at least a couple of months ago, maybe even last month, but opening this program would grant a gif saying that says something like "This service has been shut down due to accusations of money laundaring, conspiracy against the goverment and copyright infringement" and there was like a seal that looked real. No idea wtf happened but I imagine something 4chan level stuff since I don't remember it having censoring, I'll link it here if I find any image of it

3. Back to 1, though there are no messages, and writing something and clicking on the send just does nothing