This page is where you'll find my recomendations of stuff that you can do right now!

Windows 93

One of my favorite sites to fool around in, it's a computer inside your browser! Full of apps and other stuff for you to mess with and experiment!
Here's an exploration/guide to my findings on this site, in case you find that useful and/or entertaining.

Candy Box 2

A small game with visuals made of text, it's very fun to explore this small world and try to find all of it's secrets. Plenty of chalanges are very hard and you need to make your choices carefully.

2:22 AM

A series of dream-like first person sequences, made to be experienced in the dead of night. This one is a download but I thought it was worth to mention.


AKA Tetris pvp multiplayer. It's pretty simple, enter the site, click on lobby and you can create your own and have friends join and there you go, no accounts nor anything. You can also play with randos online.

Dan Ball

A japanese games website with english translation. It has currently 26 games with simplistic graphics, the 26th still being developed as far as I'm aware, all very experimental and fun to try.
I was first introduced through the "Powder Game" series, and became a fan of Stick Ranger too! So I suggest you open it up, zoom in at 200% and give it a try.