These are some pictures I have taken over the years, maybe you find them interesting to look at.

Interested in other pictures? Check out this website! Nothing related to my website, just thoguht they looked dope.

A red guy mask (or hat?) that I made a while ago, sadly it was thrown away.

A bench at my old school that was tumbled one day.

I put this together on my brother's room while he was taking a shower, he was confused and amused XD

One of my favourite meals and one of the very first I made myself.

A drawing of a friend of mine of a friend of mine.

Funny picture I saw in a solar sands video.

Small scene I put together during a blackout.

A picture of an old minecraft world, I don't remember why I took it.

Eletronic earth globe did a bluescreen.

The best pizza I ever ate.

I don't think this is Crash of the Titans...

First couple of spray cans I ever bought.

Recriation of my bedroom posters I made in dreams.

Religious practice.


Cool halloween costume.

Took this when biking sunday.

Best album ever rapped in history.

"There Won't Be Next Saturday" art piece.

Ocarina I ordered.

Big ass ice cream I had the other day.

I challenge you to guess what this is.

Ball fully made of rubber bands I've been building at work.

I saw this in my mind for a moment.

Book I'm reading.

Fear and curiosity.

Back of the campus near the trees.

Melting B-skin, sorry for spoilers.

Honestly such a disapointment, a waste of time.

Made my button irl.

This one specific bowl is the bowl I eat cereal from
For over 10 years now.

So close to 500,000

Saw this yesterday, went all across the sky, looked really cool.

An edit I did for my friend a whil ago.

Some graffiti.

A picture I took at the end of a day.

His name is henry apparently.

My friend ate one of these.

You wish you were this good.

I thought you would be able to see it better.

Never seen one of them like this.

A... map? I think?

A picture with an odd /title.

This one was too bright, I'll try taking another one today.

A phone case I found thrown in the grass with some phone numbers on it.

The damn fan I still need to finish writing about.

I screwed up a fried egg
How the fuck do you screw up a fried egg.

The lock of my bedroom window.

This one got me fucked for a few minutes.

A little world for tiny creatures to crawl through such greenery.

Reality is twisted, time is bent continuously.

The arrogance of men when at the edge of everything unknown.

I've never seen the sky look like this before, so deep at this time.

Pretty dope man.

Honestly one of the best ideas I have ever seen in my entire life as an aspiring game designer.

Pattern recognition.

When you don't expect it some of the most beautiful things can enter your life.

I rarely see the streets deserted like this
Only the cold can pull off such phenomena.

This is my favorite sweet of all time.