Tools and Tips

On this page I'll make a list of various sites, software and just general advice for you that might want to create your own art! I often tinker with video and image editing, aswell as some other crafts and here I'll leave some advice that mgiht be useful for you!

Note: I'm not super into the lingo or communitites of many of these things, so sorry if I call some stuff the wrong words, it's just how I percieve them.



Image editing? Drawing? Pixel art? If you wanna get into or just started at any of the above mentioned, you might wanna give GIMP a try! It's free, open source, and has a ton of functionalities! Personally I use it to do pretty much all my pixel art, either for games or this website, and also for any image editing, like stuff you see in pictures.
It takes a while to learn how to use everything, but there are tutorials and people willing to help online, so I think it'd be worth it to check it out!


Source Code

If you're interested in websites at all, in any way shape or form a way to take it further is looking into the innerworkings of it! Looking at the source code you can see how it was written, how things are organized, all the tags, classes and references to other files that this page contains, aswell as commented sections that aren't visible in any other way, I sometimes keep scrapped paragraphs that I think wouldn't fit with the rest of the page as comments, in case I wanna revisit them later or just as mementos. All of those things can often tell a little bit more about it's author, sometimes even things they wouldn't be able to tell verbally themselves.

By pressing F12 you can inspect any page you find yourself in, alternatively you can press ctrl+u which I prefer, because that gives you acces to the original file recieved from the server, in case any script changes the file during real time or the loading of the page
Even more alternatively I